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Plastic Vacuum Cupping Can, Recyclable Vacuum Cupping Cup Slippe


Plastic Vacuum Cupping Can, Recyclable Vacuum Cupping Cup Slippe


Product description

1. With edge cup for comfortable use, fits the skin, greatly enhance the product's adsorption capacity.
2. Used with hand pump(not included), helps relieve back, neck and leg pain and relax muscles.
3. Improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and stabilize the nervous system. A great cupping massage suply.
4. Simple operation, you just need to place cup and use hand pump to generate required pressure. Release the valve to remove cup.
5. Made of high quality plastic material, with exquisite workmanship, to skin, durable and not easy to break for repeated use.


Item Type: Vacuum Cupping Cup 
Material: Plastic 
Color: Transparent 
Model: B4

How to use:
1. Select acupuncture points according to the condition.
2. Choose appropriate cup and a comfortable position (can be divided into sitting, lying, side and prone positions)
3. Lift up the piston on the top of the selected cup to ensure flow;
4. After gently connect the piston on the top of the cup with the hand pump, quickly lift the rod vertically several times to make the skin in the cupping uplift to the patient's tolerance range.
5. Connectors can be used in parts that cannot be cupped directly (such as the spine and waist).
6. After the cup is adsorbed on the skin surface, gently rotate the hand pump muzzle left and right, then remove hand pump, and lightly press the cup piston to prevent leakage.
7. Just lift the piston at the end of the treatment.
8. Routinely wipe with and alcohol cotton after use. Do not soak, boil or heat treatment, etc.
9. When the cupping treatment failed, please check whether the rubber plug in the cupping is tightly sealed, whether the connection between the hand pump and the cupping is too tight, whether the hand pump and the cupping are vertical, and whether the hand pu

Plastic Vacuum Cupping Can, Recyclable Vacuum Cupping Cup Slippe

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